Sunday, 5 November 2017

How to achieve reduced cost using SEO

SEO is a methodology of techniques and strategies used to increase the number of people visiting a website. Through the help of one columnist, Bobby Lyons. We look at the strategy for making use of analytic data to look into areas of the site.

The main objective of SEO is to make sure that clients do more with less. This basically means that growth can still be maintained at a reduced cost. Some ways of achieving the objectives are highlighted below.
  • Value from the current traffic
  • Maximizing the click-through rate
  • Through the expansion of long-tail keyword inventory
  • Through pursuit of information gained from head terms
  • Increasing the external content marketing offers

Some factors should be considered when maximizing the efforts to include the value for all channels. There should be resources to support the objectives in order to establish a long-term credibility with the organization. SEO personnel are expected to explore user experience by downing their marketing tools in order to venture into broader technology issues and merchandising. The above issues have a direct impact on marketing, performance and as well as traffic flow and therefore the impact is demonstrated across all channels.

In order to achieve goals assigned by the company, program improvements must be squeezed. Bobby Lyon prefers to use the rule of divide and conquer approach. The idea makes sure that each core activity must be given attention and dedication.

The divide and rule approach majors on improvement and task such that other team members devise a strategy to tackle on the SEO-specific activities. Depending on the size of the group, one could do all the tasks all alone or even equally share the tasks with other members of the group. Regardless of the amount of the time, all growth opportunities must be properly utilized and worked on properly. Key partners should also be identified when distributing and assigning the tasks to the group.

Bobby also states that positives in SEO pages can be identified and used to demonstrate the potential for other pages. Homepages tend to act better since they have repeated accessibility and a high entry point. For example, visitors coming in through a brand term are going to convert a higher level than other traffic.

There are five things that are crucial when working on an analysis. According to Bobby Williams, when looking at the potential for other pages, we should bear in mind that homepages have repeated traffic and high entry point hence making them preferably the best. Visitors using homepages have to convert a higher level of traffic.

The second value is the bounce rate. This is a situation whereby a device outdoes the other when deep diving. This makes it possible to have a different experience when using various devices including tablets and desktops.

The third value is on poor metric assign for both mobile phones and desktops. This value means that when it comes to browsing the conversion rate should be what is seen on the homepage. A monitor should be placed on the page in order to capture the performance metric.

Finally, on built-up models, it simply means that from all the pages, traffic should be brought in, as this is the only way to compare and justify investments from the business

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